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APIs First

♢OpenAPI Specfication (Swagger)


♢API Gateway

MicroService Orientated

♢Domain Driven Design

♢Actor Model

Container Packaged



Cloud Native Hosting

♢Amazon Web Services | Google Cloud Platform

♢Cloud Security and Networks

DevOps Driven

♢Continuous Integration | Continuous Delivery CI/CD

♢Git Flow

♢Container Orchestration (Blox.io, Kubernetes)


API First | MicroService Orientated | Container Packaged | Cloud Native Hosting | DevOps Driven

Why Karux

Karux crafts IT strategy and roadmaps, platform architecture, and solutions that transform and disrupt industries. Core delivery focus areas include:

  • Re→Shape IT Architecture: Articulate strategic vision, define architectural stepping stones, validate emerging technology, quantify change management hurdles, and distill pragmatic, successful action plans.
  • Re→Fresh Your Platform: Blaze a path forward towards API-centric architecture, micro-service orientation, container orchestration, and cloud-native design patterns.
  • Re→Invent Opportunity: Create centers for enablement, automate DevOps pipelines, accelerate project pace and throughput.

What Is Karux

The Karux team comprises of experts who are passionate about transforming IT delivery through next generation technology, leading edge architecture patterns, and innovative design. We blend game changing architecture approaches with pragmatic adoption practices to increase IT pace, accelerate IT throughput, and enhance system resiliency.

Who Is Karux

Chris Haddad, the president and chief architect, leads the Karux team. Chris holds an amazing amount of experience; from hands-on development and architecture trench work to past (and current) roles as executive strategist and industry thought leader.

Combining his raw knowledge with his past experiences, Chris is able to connect business strategy with technology modernization roadmaps, building consensus across executive leadership, enterprice architects, and solution project practitioners. Known as a trusted advisor, mentor, contributor, and leader, Chris crafts and delivers pragmatic plans guiding successful initiatives.


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